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Why should you consider in doing business in Brazil

As the largest economy in Latin America and the 9th largest economy worldwide, Brazil is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, in recent years, Brazil has experienced economic hardship. For example, in 2009, Brazil’s economy shrank 0.3%. This was caused in part by a reduction in demand for Brazil’s commodity-based exports. In the past […]

Setting Up a Company in Brazil: a Checklist

Setting up a company in Brazil is not as simple as in developed common law countries. The process of registration (and deregistration) contains various procedural steps that are time-consuming and expensive. Below are the key issues you will need to consider once you decided to register a Brazilian company. 1. Have you decided on the […]

The Brazilian Judicial System

The Brazilian Judicial System Brazil’s judiciary is a multifaceted system that operates on the state and federal levels, much like the U.S. judicial system. Primarily based on the civil law tradition, it divides cases into several different jurisdictions, including labor, electoral, military, constitutional and non-constitutional. It also includes three instances of appeal, with cases able […]

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