Online legal consultation

We offer our clients an ONLINE LEGAL CONSULTATION service, where you can:

– Clarify your doubts;
– Request us to send legal drafts (letters, contracts, applications, actions, complaints, etc.);
– Request a written opinion or the preparation of documents (letters, contracts, applications, among others).


1 – Send us the form with your legal question and the following identification: Name, full address, and taxpayer.
2 – Then receive an email confirming the receipt and informing the amount of the consultation fees, and data for payment.
3 – Send an email accepting the terms of the online consultation and proof of payment.
4 – The answer to your query will be given within 1 working day from the date of payment of the fees.

NOTE: ONLINE LEGAL CONSULTATION does not cover questions whose answer depends on face-to-face analysis of documents or personal intervention of the lawyer. If you need legal assistance for a particular situation, you can request information on the fees for the case in question.

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