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The firm offers advisory services for conducting business and enterprises, as well as solving problems related to various segments, both for individuals and companies. It also provides preventive, advisory and contentious legal advice, through personalized and appropriate solutions for each client, thus providing a peaceful and safe environment for the achievement of the company’s goals.


Helainy Rosy Pereira de Araujo – Lawyer graduated from UNP – Potiguar University, with 19 years of experience, post graduated in Public Law from FESMP / RN – State Foundation of the Public Prosecution of RN and in Labor Law from UNP – Potiguar University. She worked as an associate lawyer in the law firm Lemos Santos Advogados in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, as a lawyer hired in the office Francisco Gurgel Pimenta in Natal / RN, having today her own office in this capital city.

The legal support you need

Our firm’s principle is to value the practice of law and the improvement of professionals, contributing to the development of a more humane, just and supportive society. Besides investing in the constant updating of its employees, it also encourages social and citizen entrepreneurial initiatives.

Preventive, Advisory and Litigation Advocacy

For over 15 years providing efficient legal solutions, helping and supporting individuals and organizations, with specialized and personalized service, in the various areas of law. We use the utmost commitment and creativity to generate ideas and solutions that enable our customers to maximize their resources.





Providing, in a personalized manner, a wide range of legal services primarily to companies and individuals who demand a high standard of quality.

Grow solidly, occupying a prominent position in the domestic market, always maintaining the personalized character of services.

Ethics, Loyalty, Professionalism, Modernity and Efficiency.

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